<h3>PCE EUROPE</h3> <h4>Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling</h4>

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Information about the Membership


Who can become a member?

- The Network invites membership from existing national person/client–centred and experiential organisations, training institutes and other institutions in Europe which
    - are members of the WAPCEPC
    - adhere to its principles and its goals
    - are committed to clearly defined ethical standards
    - have a commitment to psychotherapy and counselling training and/or further training according to state of the art person–centred training standards and national (if these exist) psychotherapy and/or counselling training standards
- The principle of local autonomy is maintained. The authority of the Network only applies to its composition, to its way of working together, to its external relationships and concerning the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. Any other decisions limiting the rights of national organisations require the ratification of the Members to become effective.

Why become a member?

- If your institution wishes to promote person-centred and/or experiential perspectives, further these paradigms and support and facilitate person-centred and experiential associations, organisations, institutions and individuals in their work,
- If your institution wishes to work together with associations, organisations, institutions and individuals on a European level, in the field of person/client-centred and experiential psychotherapy and counselling
- If your institution wishes to support and encourage scientific study as well as the improvement of practice, specifically in the field of psychotherapy and counselling, and is interested in fostering the exchange and further development of research, theory and practice
- If your institution wishes to engage in socio-political processes to ensure the continued contribution of the paradigm in health, education, academic contexts etc.
- If your institution wishes to exchange ideas with other psychotherapeutic orientations and to stimulate cooperation in the field of psychotherapy and counselling

then your organisation or institution should become a member of PCE Europe.

How to become a member?

You apply for membership by writing an informal letter to PCE Europe at the address below.

There is an application fee of 150 Euros. This fee is payable in advance and should be made along with your application for membership.


The application must include the following:

Please give name, postal address, country, telephone, fax and e-mail address and
include the following documents:

- the Statutes of your institution
- the ethical standards to which your institution is committed
- the training and/or further training regulations of your institution
- a list of members differentiating those who have completed training and work as psychotherapists/counsellors/therapists according to national regulations
- a list of members of the board
- a list of your organisational memberships in national and other umbrella organisations
- status of the recognition of your training by state / by umbrella organisations
- name of the contact person for your organisation (with the postal address, phone number, fax-number and e-mail address)

The Statutes or relevant sections of them, the ethical standards and the training regulations should be enclosed in English, French or German.

PCE Europe

c/o 2 Cropper Row
Alton Road
United Kingdom

or by sending an e-mail to the office.


The annual membership fee is :

less than 50 members € 100,-
51 – 200 members € 200,-
201 – 500 members
€ 250,-
501 – 1000 members
€ 350,-
more than 1000 members € 500,-

Click here for payment.

You can download this information here


Information for new members of PCE Europe

You can download the document here


This document intends to inform you as a new member (organisation or institute) about the aims, characteristics and structure of the network, which imply both benefits, rights and obligations for members of PCE Europe.