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Minutes of the board meetings (since 2010)

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1/7/2010, 11/8/2010, 15/9/2010, 12/10/2010, 17/11/2010, 19/1/2011 click here.



Board meeting 1/7/2010



in Rome



1)     We decided on regular Skype online meetings if possible once a month.

If necessary, we will have a face to face meeting, maybe in Bordeaux, but we agreed to check transport and location possibilities in order to find a convenient place.

2)     The tasks in the board are for instance as follows:
Chair :                                                      Willi Roes
Treasurer:                                                Andrea Uphoff
Treasurer assistance:                            Clair Higgon
EAP contact:                                           Sylvia Rasch-Owald
EAC contact:                                           Danae Marinakis
Event calendar:                                      Clair Higgon

PCE World Newsletter                          Angelique Timmerman
Website content and control:               Angelique Timmerman
Website technical:                                 Willi Roes
Minutes of GA:                                       Andrea Uphoff


Skype Board meeting 11/8/2010




1) Criteria document page website?


The board should think of criteria about what we will write on our website. One proposal is a kind of news board where the member organizations could inform the other members what this particular organization is doing. Also the event calendar should be published there. Another idea is, to put master’s thesises or abstracts on the website. Clair Higgon offered to think about some criteria, mail them to rest of the board and everyone can add.


2) Agenda volunteer: find a person collecting the info for the agenda twice a year, by asking our members and preparing a paper with the events as can be found on the website.

Clair Higgon collects the info and sends it to Willi Roes, who puts it on the website.


3) Newsletter responsible: find persons preparing, editing and sending the Newsletter

Actually we have a section in the newsletter of PCE World. Additional we decided to inform our member organizations twice a year about our activities and ask them to forward this information to their members. The problem is, since PCE Europe’s members are exclusively organizations, to get in contact with individuals. Many personcentered colleagues don’t know about PCE Europe, because our member organizations don’t forward information. Angelique Timmerman volunteered to take care about this issue.



4) Certificate


Ø      valid inside procedure


The valid inside procedure is organized and well functioning. Clair Higgon will apply for a certificate and give feed back if it was working.


Ø      logo


The problem is that a professional logo is very expensive. Danae Marinakis offers to contact a friend, who might do the job for little money. The board decides to spend 150,00 € maximum.


Ø      members of the committee


The actual members are Anne Wunderle, Marina Iossifides and Magda Draskosky


Ø      We certify a legal national accreditation or only training due to PCE rules?

Ø      applicant and others who see the certificate, it might be wise to add this sentence on the future certificates, to discuss at the board meeting :

3)  Certificate for psychotherapist/counsellor for non regulated countries, the certificate confirms the training and not the national legal recognition


After discussion the board decided that we need five certificates:

Ø      One for therapists, one for counsellors and one for therapist/counsellor with a small addition on the bottom of the certificate: This certificate confirms training and not legal recognition.

Ø      One for therapists and one for counsellors with the text : The practitioner has been trained in accordance with and is committed to the Principles for Person-Centred and Experiential Training and Further Training in Psychotherapy and Counselling as decided by the PCE Europe and is acknowledged as a certified psychotherapist in the country of residence.



Ø      Wording:


o       certificate committee or certification committee


We prefer certificate committee because it’s easier to pronounce. Important is continuity.




o       Board or board

We decide small letters not to stand out against our ordinary members.


5) Meeting place and new date for face-to-face meeting 7/1/2011

Is Jan 2011 too soon to meet if we do not have a GA until 2012 – maybe mid 2011 would be better?

We decide to meet in May, because in January we might not yet have enough subjects to discuss. Willi Roes prepares a Doodle schedule


6) Archives, where to stock?

Magda Draskosky to Willi Roes: “I have checked my archives and could not find many documents that were not public and shared at least by the board. I will send you the signed contract with PCCS Books re. Our administration (please give me the address where I can send it). Apart from that I have documents from the Hellenic Focusing Centre and IFEF that they sent to us when applying for membership. Should I send them to you or keep them or send them to PCCS Books?”


All documents should be kept with the secretary of PCE books except the contract with PCE books. The contract should be kept by the chair of PCE Europe. In addition the secretary should get the minutes of our board meetings, just for information.






PCE Europe – Skype Board Meeting




Date : 15.09.10



Participants : Willi, Clair, Danae, Sylvia, Angelique, Andrea


Comments : Bad reception made discussion difficult with some people not hearing the whole meeting and some of it taking place in writing.



1. Certificates


1.1      It was agreed that certificates as trainer and practitioner are separate and will continue to be awarded separately and charged accordingly. The reasons for maintaining the status quo:

- Not every trainer continues in practice

- It would cause confusion to change our rules now

- It would deprive PCE Europe of income in this respect.

As the charge is reasonable and a one-off it was felt that we should maintain the current procedure.


1.2      We can issue the certificate as Trainer of Person-Centred Counselling/Therapy in addition to the formats we already have.


Andrea Uphoff is to inform Anne Wunderle of our decisions.



2. Website Documents



2.1      Danae is the person responsible for documents/information to be displayed on the website. Documents are to be sent directly to her via her professional email address. If she deems a document inappropriate she will forward the document to the board for discussion. In order to protect copyright, published articles will be displayed by summary and link to the respective journal. Unpublished material can be published on our website. We decided against adding anything to the criteria in this respect, rather think to work with the criteria we currently have to see what issues arise.             



2.2      Clair Higgon will produce the definitive version of criteria and Willi Roes will add them to the website.