The Board

The Board

The board consists of 3-7 representatives, chosen by member organisations and individual members at each bi-annual GA. The board has to represent the members and carry out the decisions and policies of PCE Europe agreed in the GA, manage ongoing matters (e.g. certificates, networking with key Europe Wide associations as EAP or EAC) and those tasks that may arise (e.g. applications of new members) between GA meetings.

Tasks of the board also include:

  • Preparing the GA and being responsible for the organisation of the meeting
  • Admitting new members who fulfil the membership requirement
  • Presenting a statement of the bi-annual accounts and determine the budget for the next two years, subject to approval of the members at the GA
  • Presenting a report of its work during the last two years to the GA

Board Functions

Chair: holds an overview of all activities of PCE Europe, is the contact for questions and information about PCE Europe,  sends out to member organisations any update on PCE Europe and/or agenda for the GA to all the members, chairs board meetings/ biannual General Assemblies, develops formal information documents, maintains contacts with external organisations, contact person for OVI Committee.

Treasurer: holds an overview of the income and expenditure of PCE Europe’s finances in liaison with Chair. Manages the bank account and is the signatory, prepares the accounts and financial reports and suggests a budget for the coming 2 years.

Secretary: prepares the agenda and the minutes of board meetings and General Assemblies, Roundtables, etc., contact person for EG Committee.

Certificate coordinator and EAP/WAPCEPC contact: maintains contacts with the Certificate Committee, keeps an overview of the certificate handling process, issues and signs the certificates, controls the online certificate registration list, ratifies that a Person Centred Therapist is entitled to receive the European Certificate for Psychotherapy and signs it, is the EWAO representative for EAP,  is the contact person for WAPCEPC, contact for EAP throughout the year, actively taking part in these organisations’ development while representing PCE Europe’s interest, attending their GAs and Governing Board meetings, gives reports of all that to PCE Europe.

Social media coordinator and EAC contact: compiles the articles for  the WAPCEPC newsletters,  is the contact person for symposia and for EAC, manages the facebook account and linkedin, contact person for SAC Comittee.

Membership coordinator: holds contact to our members, keeps the list of members and is responsible if changes need to be made to the list, finds and implements benefits for members.