Hamburg, Germany

Event Committee

Coordinator Paula Williams

This committee will handle main events of PCE Europe.

If you are interested in joining you can Apply here

Certification Working Group

Coordinator of the Certification Working Group is Jonno Ward

Members: Lidia Ferreira, Photini Ipsmiller-Demetriou, Ewa Kaczorkiewicz, Jonno Ward, Pavlos Zarogiannis.

Objectives and activities of the Certification Working Group:

Brace yourself for lots of acronyms here!
The PCE Europe Certification Working Group seeks to discuss, operationalise and promote the core competencies of Person-Centred and Experiential theory on a pan-European level, particularly as it relates to common standards for practitioners' certification.
Although very much its own initiative, our Working Group cooperates with the European Association of Psychotherapy's (EAP) European Training Standards Committee (ETSC), that itself has the role of establishing suitable standards for training and education for European psychotherapists.
If you have a keen interest in Person-Centred and Experiential philosophy and training then this is the group for you!

OVI - Organisational Vision and Identity Committee

Coordinator of the OVI - Organisational Vision and Identity Committee is Leonore Langner.

Members: Thomas Esher, Ewa Kaczorkiewicz, Leonore Langner, Jean-Marc Randin, Janet Tolan, Allan Turner, Jonno Ward

Objectives of the OVI Committee:
In this committee, we look at how PCE Europe wants to define itself, now and in the future. Because we members shape our network ourselves and everyone can contribute ideas. In which areas do we want to be active? What could our members need? How do we shape our identity?
In short, you could say that this committee engages in creative brainstorming for our organisation.
It is also the first instance that the Board turns to when it has structural ideas of its own. A proposal from the Board is presented to the OVI Committee, discussed and, if it is approved, jointly developed to such an extent that it can then be presented to the GA.
If, while reading this, you think you might also have some ideas on how PCE Europe could develop further, please get in touch with 
We are pleased to welcome members!

Ethics Committee

Coordinator of the Ethics Committee is Claudia Akrimi.

Members: Claudia Akrimi, Dressler Marc Alexander, Willow Langdale-Smith and Paul Diaconescu.

Objectives of the Ethical Committee
1. Design, implement and update of the Ethical Framework in collaboration with the members through Roundtables and the General Assembly (GA).
2. Design and implementation of an education program through presentations, workshops and roundtables.
3. Offering guidance for member requests to support them in ethical issues and dilemmas. The first 2 years (2022 – 2024) will serve as a pilot phase for questions and input.

Scientific Committee

Coordinator of the Research Committee is  Alexandros Vallidis

Members: Niels Bagge, Fedor Shankov

Long-term objectives for the Scientific Committee: 

1. Creating a network - To have a central point that has an overview of which person-centred/experiential research is currently taking place. This would require contact of the committee with the research representatives of our members. 

2. A data base with research - Overview of this on our website 

3. Supporting ongoing and starting research projects - Helping members to network with each other regarding research. 

4. Creating education project for students and others - Stimulate and support research that strengthens and promotes the person-centred/experiential approaches.

Organisation of  the Encounter Group of PCE Europe

Leonore Langner (Austria)

Bettina Fleischmann (Austria)