Hamburg, Germany

Certificate Committee

Coordinator of the Certificate Committee is Ewa Kaczorkiewicz.


Magda Drask√≥czy - area of responsibility: Belgium (Flaams Part), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Pretherapy International Network

Sylvia Rasch - area of responsibility: Austria, Belgium (French Part), France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Social Awareness Committee

Coordinator of the Social Awareness Committee
is Dimitris Portokalis.

Members: Karel Binon, Arina Dogaru, Sonja Kinigadner, Sylvia Rasch, Anja Schillebeeks, Dimitris Portokalis

OVI - Organisational Vision and Identity Committee

Coordinator of the OVI - Organisational Vision and Identity Group is Leonore Langner.

Members: Thomas Esher, Ewa Kaczorkiewicz, Leonore Langner, Jean-Marc Randin, Janet Tolan, Allan Turner

Ethics Committee

Coordinator of the Ethics Committee is Claudia Akrimi.

Members: Claudia Akrimi, Georgeta Niculescu, Samantha Werthen, Willow Langdale-Smith and Paul Diaconescu

Research Committee

Coordinator of the Research Committee is  Paul Diaconescu

Members: Angelique Timmerman, Judy Moore, Alexandros Vallidis

Organisation of  the Encounter Group of PCE Europe

Leonore Langner (Austria)

Arina Dogaru (Romania) 

Bettina Fleischmann (Austria)