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At the Meeting in Luxembourg which took place September 25-27, 1998, in the City of Luxembourg, hosted by the LGwG (Alfred Groff , Gérard Louis, Paul Prussen, Luxembourg), the following persons (associations) took part:

Alfred Groff, Gérard Louis, Paul Prussen (Luxembourg: LGwG) (organizers)
Stan van Asbroeck (VVCgP) , Jean Marc Priels (AFPC) (Belgium),
Hiltrud Gruber, Elisabeth Zinschitz (ÖGwG), Peter F. Schmid (APG/IPS) (Austria)    
Jan Holeysovsky, Vaclav Lepicovsky (Czech Republic)        
Patrick Kauffmann (PCAIF) (France)
Paulus Wacker (GwG) (Germany)
Ioulios Iossifides, Pavlos Zarogiannis (PCA) (Greece) 
Marta Kovácsnétúróczi, Ivan Török (HAPCCPM) (Hungary)
João Hipólito (APPCPC) (Portugal)
Raimund Dörr, Anne Wunderle (SGGT/SPCP) (Switzerland)
Eli Kok, Jan Pols (VCgP) (The Netherlands)
Suzanne Keys, Steve Vincent (BAPCA) (UK)
Françoise Ducroux-Biass (AFTCP) (regional)
and Ferdinand van der Veen (USA) as a guest
(24 participants, 12 countries, 15 associations)

founding delegates

The following issues were discussed:


  • Adopt the regulations (especially the training standards) of the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) and the EAC (European Association for Counselling)?
    The decision was to leave this question open to the members (associations) of the Network and, according to person-centred principles, to provide room within the Network for all associations and institutions whether they meet the EAP's and/or EAC's regulations or not — as long as they go along with the person-centred principles and the goals of the Network, have defined ethical standards and have a commitment to psychotherapy and/or counselling training according to state of the art person-centred training standards (see part III. of the

  • Formulate own training standards for Network members?
    Stan van Asbroeck presented an interim overview about the formal training requirements in ten different institutions
    The decision was not to formulate person–centered standards but to trust in the process of mutual facilitation and challenge through working together in the Network.

  • Found the Network?
    After some small alterations in the formulation of the proposed statutes it was decided unanimously to found the Network.

  • Become a member of the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy)?
    The decision was to apply for membership (at the lowest possible membership fee) and to leave it open to the near future whether or not to apply for the status of becoming a "Europe-wide Awarding Organisation" within the EAP for the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP). — From January 1, 1999 the NEAPCCP is member of the EAP.

  • [To learn more about the EAP visit its homepage and that of the European Certificate (ECP).]





A Board of 6 persons as a team was elected (Raimund Dörr, João Hipólito, Peter F. Schmid, Paulus Wacker, Anne Wunderle, Pavlos Zarogiannis). It will register the Network in Zurich, collect addresses, invite into membership, handle the finances, work out bylaws, apply for membership in the EAP, invite to the Delegate's Meeting in 1999, work together with the WAPCCP etc.

The protocol of the meeting is to be found in: GPF-Info 1998/99 (GPF-LGwG Lëtzebuerg) 22-34

The signatures of the founding delegates:


The founding associations:

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