Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling

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The Annual Meeting of the Delegates in 1999 took place on September 24-26, 1999, at the Goulandris–Horn Foundation in Athens, Greece.

Participants (20)

Members (15):
AFP-ACP France (Bérénice–Bénédicte Dartevelle)
AFPC Belgium (Jean Marc Priels)
AFTCP regional (Françoise Ducroux-Biass)
APG/IPS Austria (Peter F. Schmid)
APPCPC Portugal (João Hipólito)
BAPCA United Kingdom (Suzanne Keys, Gill Wyatt)
GwG Germany (Paulus Wacker)
HAPCA Greece (Anna Coccolaras-Karali, Pavlos Zarogiannis)
ÖGwG Austria (Hiltrud Gruber, Elisabeth Zinschitz)
PCA Austria (Peter F. Schmid, Elisabeth Zinschitz)
PCA Praha - Czech Republic (Václav Lepicovsky)
SGfK Switzerland (Nara Buchel)
SGGT Switzerland (Raimund Dörr, Anne Wunderle)
TCPCA Greece (Polly Iossifides, Ioulious Iossifides)
VCgP The Netherlands (Roelf J. Takens)
VVCgP Belgium (Stan van Asbroeck)
Guests (5):
AFC-ACP France (Patrick Kauffmann)
Forum Austria (Hans-Peter Ratzinger)
HAPCCPM Hungary (Iván Török, M. Kovascne-Turoczi)
PCAIF (France) (Patrick Kauffmann)
PCT Scotland (Jill Cook)
GPF Luxemburg (member)


  • Report on NEAPCCP's development during its first year of formation
    The Swiss Board Members report that two letters of invitation were sent out by the secretariate all over Europe to adresses available.
    NEAPCCP so far has 16 members out of 11 countries. The documents of each applicant were checked by two Board Members. Some of them have to send some more documents. Two associations applied for membership recently (PCAIF France, LGwG Luxembourg). A couple of organisations will apply for membership soon (among them HAPCPM Hungary, AFCACP France), others think about it (PCT Scotland, "Forum" Austria).
    Personal contacts will be made by members with other associations; another letter of invitation will be sent.
    Contributions to the homepage of the Network (www.pfs.kabelnet.at — now: www.pce-europe.org) are most welcome. Data of events, informations etc. should be sent to Peter F. Schmid (pfs@pfs-online.at).

  • Reports by the present NEAPCCP members
    Among the reports were considerations on the present situation concerning health insurance policies (Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands), the foundation of two new French associations (AFPAPC, AFCAPC), the problem of accreditating in Britain (2 accrediting bodies, one discouraging PCA people), the oncoming abolition of the profession of psychotherapists in the Netherlands by law, the tension between the understanding of counselling and psychotherapy in a whole string of countries, the oncoming jubilee of the German speaking associations APG, GwG, ÖGwG and SGGT in the year 2000 etc.

  • Reports on contacts, made or to be made, with EAP, ECP and WAPCCP
    Paulus Wacker reported on his contacts with EAP. The NEAPCCP is a member of EAP since January as EWO (European Wide Organization) and will become an EWAO (European Wide Awarding Association) from October 10, 1999 (relevant for the ECP, the European Certificate for Psychotherapy). A paper with the answers to 15 questions by EAP was written by Helmut Spielhofer and translated into English. The reaction was very positive as the letter of recommendation shows (click here for the answering letter by the EAP).
    Contacts with EAC were initiated and will be intensified.
    Peter F. Schmid reported on the development of the World Association (WAPCCP) which will have its next General Assembley in Chicago, June 2000, on the ocassion of the 5th International Conference (ICCCEP). The World Association invites into its membership both, individuals and organizations, institutes etc. Flyers are available. All associations are asked to distribute it and inform in their journals and mailings.
    The General Assembly decided to join WAPCCP as a member (consensus).

  • Bylaws
    A proposal by Peter F. Schmid on behalf of the Board was discussed and slightly altered in some parts. After a discussion the General Assembly voted unanimously not to include the possibility of divisions (sections, branches) for the time being. The former Statutes and essential parts of the proposal for Bylaws are put together in new Statutes. These and the new Bylaws were accepted on consensus.

  • Financial statement 1999 and budget 2000
    Expenses 1999 (office, postage, material, telephone, membership EAP) are EUR 2699, 62; receipts EUR 2100 (membership fees). To meet the balance the membership fee 1999 is increased from EUR 100 / 200 / 300 to EUR 130 / 260 / 390.
    The budget 1999 has expenses of EUR 3743,71 and receipts of EUR 2500. To meet the balance the membership fee for 2000 will be EUR 150 / 300 / 450. Until the next general Assembly the admission fee for new members will be EUR 130.
    (Swiss Bank Account: 1349-0005.142 • Zuercher Kantonalbank • Filiale CH-8800 Thalwil, Switzerland • Bank-Clearing Nr.: 749 • Swift Nr.: ZKB K CH ZZ 80 A)
    Costs for becoming an EWAO are EUR 2350. The decision by whom this amount is to be paid is postponed to the General Assembly in the year 2000.
    (All decisions on consensus.)

  • Elections of the members of the Board
    The period of the present Board is prolonged until the General Assembly 2000 (consensus). 2 Auditors are elected.

    Raimund Dörr, SGGT/SPCP, Switzerland
    CH-8200 Schaffhausen • Tel. +41 52 6249782 • Fax +41 52 6250800 • raimund.doerr@email.ch

    secretary for correspondence issues

    João Hipólito, APPCPC, Portugal
    P-1050 Lisbon, Av. de 5 Outubro, 204-5B • Tel. +351 1 7939890 • gatf@esoterica.pt

    representative for foreign affairs and external relations
    contact person for the next meeting

    Peter F. Schmid, APG/IPS, Austria
    A-1120 Vienna, Koflergasse 4 • +43 1 8123746 • Fax +43 1 8124578 • pfs@kabelnet.at

    representative for foreign affairs and external relations

    Paulus Wacker, GwG, Germany
    D-47448 Moers, Veit-Stoß-Str. 32 • Tel +49 2841 30103 • +49 2841 396226 • gwg@koeln@netcologne.de

    contact person to EAP and EAC

    Anne Wunderle, SGGT/SPCP, Switzerland
    CH-8006 Zurich, Frohburgstr. 95 • Tel. +41 1 3635696 • Fax +41 1 3623680 • wunderle@bluewin.ch

    secretary for membership issues
    secretary for correspondence issues

    Pavlos Zarogiannis, PCA, Greece
    Athens 11634, Antinoros 11 • +30 1 6459459 • Fax +30 1 7258057 • pavloszar@yahoo.de

    contact person for the next meeting

    Auditors: Gill Wyatt, United Kingdom (BAPCA) and Roelf J. Takens, The Netherlands (VCgP)

  • Next meetings:
    General Assembly 2000: 24-26 November, 1999, Salgótarján, Hungary, preceeded by a conference, hosted by HAPCCPM.
    General Assembly 2001: scheduled for Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by APPCPC
    General Assembly 2002: schedulded for Chambéry, Savoie, France, hosted by AFTCP