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The Annual Meeting of the Delegates in 2000 took place November 24-26, 2000, in Salgótarján, Hungary (Friday 18.00 h - Sunday 13.00 h), at the Centre of Welfare Training, Népjóléti Képzésii Központ, H-3100 Salgótarján, Kossuth út 8, Hungary, Telefon: +36 32 416833, +36 30 9637718; Fax: +36 32 317420. 

See the Letter of Invitation and the Provisional Agenda.

From Wednesday to Friday (22-24 November) a Conference ("The Connection") preceded the meeting, 

The Board Meeting 2000 took place November 24, 12.45 h to 16.15 h.

General Assembly: 

Participants (16 + 1 proxy vote)

AFP-ACP France (proxy vote to PCAI-F): 1 vote
AFPC Belgium (Jean Marc Priels): 1 vote
AFTCP regional (Françoise Ducroux-Biass): 1 vote
APG/IPS Austria (Peter F. Schmid): 1 vote
APPCPC Portugal (João Hipólito): 1 vote
BAPCA United Kingdom (Gill Wyatt): 2 votes
GwG Germany (Paulus Wacker): 3 votes
HAPCA Greece (Pavlos Zarogiannis): 1 vote
HAPCCPM  Hungary (Iván Török, Olga Füleiné): 1 vote
ÖGwG Austria (Elisabeth Zinschitz): 2 votes
PCA Austria (Peter F. Schmid, Elisabeth Zinschitz): 1 vote
PCAI-F  France (Patrick Kauffmann): 1 vote
PCT Scotland (Carolyn Dougill, Terry Dale): 2 votes
SGGT Switzerland (Raimund Dörr, Anne Wunderle): 2 votes
TCPCA Greece (Polly Iossifides): 1 vote
VCgP The Netherlands (Marijke Baljon, Roelf J. Takens): 2 votes
VVCgP Belgium (Geert Derre): 2 votes

(25 votes)


DEFINITE AGENDA of the 3rd General Assembly, November 24-26, 2000

1. - Report by the Board (presented by Anne Wunderle and Peter F. Schmid)
There are four new Members (see the
list of Members).

2. - Report by the Members (presented by various Delegates)
about the latest developments in the participating countries and associations.

3. - Report on the developments with and within EAP and EAC (presented by Paulus Wacker)
about ECP (European Certificate), questions of membership in the EAC

4. - Financial Report (presented by Raimund Dörr)
unanimously accepted

5. - Budget for 2001 (presented by Raimund Dörr)
unanimously accepted, no change of the membership fee for 2001

6. - Dividing of payment of EWAO fee (presented by the Board, see last year's debate)
1200 EUR will be payed in equal parts by the Members (60 EUR each)

7.-  The conflict between NVP and EAP (on the application of VCgP)
A letter will be sent to the EAP.


8. - Developments in connection with the World Association including the possible change of the name of the Network

Principles (Statutes I. and introduction paragraph in italics)

were adopted from the new formulation of the WAPCEPC in order to be in line with the World Association. The name was changed accordingly into "Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (NEAPCEPC)".

9. - Training standards and philosophies of training in Europe
Standards and philosophies of psychotherapy and counselling training in the different organisations and countries were exchanged. There was consensus on the necessity of training in self developmental processes, theory and supervised practice. Basic information was exchanged in written form and will be summarized for a synopsis.

10.- Visions of the future: How do we see the actual context and what are our oncoming tasks?
The Delegates discussed different ideas about the future work of the Network. What do we need most? How can we support the Person-Centred Approach? How can we support each other? The 3rd WCP (World Conference on Psychotherapy) in Vienna in the year 2002, which also is the year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carl Rogers) is regarded as a focus for presenting the approach. There will be a day or half a day during the WCP for this.

11. - European Conferences
The Delegates discussed the need and expressed there wish to regularly exchange ideas on theory and practice. For the focus of the oncoming period see item 10.

12. - 3rd World Congress on Psychotherapy (14-18 July 2002)
See item 10. The GA 2002 will be prior to the WCP, see 14..

13.- Election of the next Board and auditors
See the  list of the new
Board Members

14.- Next year's location of the General Assembly (and maybe Conference)
Brussels, Belgium: 9-11 November 2001 (hosted by AFPC)
Vienna, Austria: 12-14 July 2002 (hosted by the ÖGwG)

15.- Miscellaneous
The homepage will soon be accessible under an own address (www.pce-europe.org) and will have statements in all languages of the Members.
There was an invitation to the
ADPCA meeting 2001.


Click here for the minutes.