Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Definite program

Address:          Schulschiff (floating school), Linkes Donauufer, Stromkm 1931,A-1121 Vienna

Friday, July 12, 2002

9h00   - 17h00       Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotels
13h00 -
17h00       Board meeting
18h00 - 20h00       First plenary session
20h00                    Welcome reception

Saturday. July 13, 2002

 9h00   - 12h00      Second plenary session
 - 14h00      Self-organised lunch in town / opportunity for sightseeing
 - 18h00     Third plenary session
20h30                    Dinner  (Heurige) organised by the host associations

Sunday, July 14, 2002

 9h00   - 12h00      Last plenary session
12h00                    Transfer to the airport or
ca. 17h00              World Conference for Psychotherapy

 The meeting will take place in the Schulschiff (Floating School) which can be reached by the underground U6 – station Donauinsel (please ask at your hotel reception desk where you can take the U6). There you go down to the river, walk 5 minutes upstream and you will see the ship. You can also find a map on the website of the WCP: www.worldpsyche.org. If you have problems, please call 0676-937 2445 (Elisabeth’s mobile phone).


Friday, July 12

1.   Opening and Welcoming of the participants

2.   Minutes of the 4th GA in Brussels, November 2001

3.   Report by the Board

4.   Report by the Members

Saturday, July 13

5.  Financial Report 2001

6. Budget for 2003 (1st round)

7.  New applications for membership of the NEAPCEPC

8. Cooperation with the World Association (WAPCEPC)

9.  Final decision about the acknowledgement of (parts of) training programs by other countries (1990 Männedorf declaration)

10. Information about the different laws or non laws for Psychotherapy in European countries

11.  Discussion about possibilities to further promote person-centred and experiential therapy and counselling in Europe

12.  Research collaboration in Europe (a list of ongoing research projects in Europe will be ditributed at the meeting)

13.  Person-Centered Refugee Project (Polly Iossifides)

14.  Presentation of candidates for the new board

Sunday, July 14
Continuation of Agenda Saturday (what has been left) and:
15. Budget for 2003 (2nd round)
16. Election of the new board

17. Agenda for the 6th General Assembly, 2003, in the Netherlands
18. Choice of location of the 7th GA, 2004

Summary of the Meeting
by Peter F. Schmid

Participants: (25)
1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1

Report by the Board

Interests for membership was shown by

ACTCCP, France (Bernadette Lamboy)

Association from Martinique (Monique Pindard-Langlat)

Romanian Association in the making (Florentina Palada, Georgeta Niculescu)
ACP Formations dans l'esprit de Carl Rogers, Sandra Pedevilla, France

and from Russia and Ukraine


Report by the Members
major issue: recognition of PCT (Gesprächspsychotherapie) in Germany!

Financial Report 2001 &  Budget for 2003

unanimously, see the minutes

Cooperation with the World Association (WAPCEPC)

Two major issues:
The PCE Conference 2003 will be in Egmond aan Zee, the theme is 'Process Differentiation and Person-Centeredness', keynote speakers will be Leslie Greenberg, Dave Mearns, Rainer Sachse, Peter F. Schmid, Hans Swildens. Members of the World Association get a discount of 50 EUR. More information.

The new Journal PCEP (Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies) will start in November 2002 with a special double inaugural issue. More information.

Acknowledgement of (parts of) training programs by other countries

(1991 Männedorf declaration)


A working agreement was made that the declaration on mutual recognition of trainings as spelled out last year (see above) will have the following preamble: 'The Members of the Network agree that the following applies to members providing and/or recognising training programmes.'


Information about the different laws or non laws for Psychotherapy in European countries

There are already laws in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands. All other countries prepare laws. Helpful information can be obtained from the associations of the countries mentioned.


Discussion about possibilities to further promote person-centred and experiential therapy and counselling in Europe, the future of the Network and research collaboration in Europe

A list of ongoing research projects in Europe was distributed at the meeting.


3 projects arose out of the discussion re the future of the Network:

  • a project on xenophobia and related issues in Europe in the tradition of Rogerian cross-cultural communication with in-depth studies, a study conference and maybe to make it the topic of the year of European associations in two years from now as we see ourselves as experts on the field of facilitating understanding (media, p.r., politics, publication, local journals, PCEP)

The Network of the European Associations (NEAPCEPC) would like to work on the topic of the strength and the importance and political relevance of the person-to-person relationship. The Members of the Network invite individual members and organisations to join forces to gather knowledge and questions and find out if there is interest to make a project with possible societal and ecological repercussions such as a statement / conference on the valuing of the individual person and the necessity of mutual interconnectedness. It wants to study and look at the possibilities to work with the dangers of xenophoba, the power of fear for the unknown, for the unfamiliar and the like. A first coming together is scheduled at the World Conference in the Netherlands 2003. Meanwhile the person to contact about the topic is the secretary of the Board (secretary@pce-europe.org).

  • find out how the member associations could support each other (e.g. help with supervision in countries where the associations are in a state of initial development)
  • to facilitate the interest of people on common projects (e.g. sexual abuse)


Election of the new Board

 The old Board was dicharged for his work.

 The following team was proposed and voted upon:

Mary-Lou Andriakopoulou (Greece, treasurer, karolina_gr@yahoo.com)
Bérénice–Bénédicte Dartevelle
(France, secretary for existing members & conference 2004, Tel.&Fax +33 1 64488827)
Magda Draskoczy
(Hungary, secretary for new members, m_draskoczy@freemail.hu)

Peter F. Schmid (Austria, website, information, external affairs and contact to WAPCEPC, pfs@pfs-online.at)

Roelf Takens (Netherlands, co-ordinator, conference 2003, rj.takens@psy.vu.nl)

Paulus Wacker (Germany, representative for EAP and EAC, paulus.g.wacker@gmx.de)

First round of voting (needs consensu): 20 in favor, 2 abstentions, 2 against: No consensus
2nd round of voting (needs two thirs majority): 20 in favor, 3 abstentions, 1 against: Two thirds majority: The Board is elected.

As auditors were elected: Faha Ramoelintsalama (France) and Gill Wyatt (UK).


Choice of location of the 7th GA, 2004

Elisabeth Kremer invites to France  in connection with the Summer School ("PCA in Europe") in Burgundy.