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Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2005

Friday, September 30 th
14h30 – Board Meeting

17h00 – General Assembly

Saturday, October 1st
10h00 – Symposium
14h30 – General Assembly

Summary of the Meeting (click for complete Minutes)

You may find a very complete photo gallery on the website of the Portuguese association.

1. Welcome of the participants

2. GA Minutes of 2004 : The minutes of the General Assembly 2004 have been accepted unanimously.

3. The following new members have been accepted this year : IFIF (French speaking focusing institute), Greece.  Rumania and Spain are present and apply for membership. AFP-ACP in France represents now the former French training institutes as an umbrella organisation. PCAI-F, member of AFP-ACP, will remain member as they are foundation member.

4. Auditors : In order to control the figures of our budget, which had not been done last year, two auditors are needed. Henk Hanekamp and Geert Derre are invested with this responsibility during the GA 2005. They declared the conformity of the figures with the invoices.

5 : Integration of NEAPCPC into WAPCEP as a chapter. We decide to continue preparing this integration definitively for voting on the PCE conference in Potsdam July 2006. We have to be sure to remain independent and to keep our own budget. The two boards are in charge of preparing exact wording for this integration in respect of the GA arguments. The final change should be effective according to the budget year 2006, so integration is done on 1/1//2007.

6 : Andrea Uphoff has been elected as new member of the board. She will be concerned by the financial questions.



Complete Minutes

MINUTES of the 8th General Assembly, Lisbon, Portugal,

September 30-October 1, 2005.



1.      Opening and welcoming of the participants

2.      Minutes of our last GA in Dijon, July 2004

3.      Agenda of the present meeting

4.      Report  by the Board

5.      Financial Report 2002 – 2003 - 2004

6.      Becoming a chapter in the World Association

7.      Report on EAP and EAC

8.      Election of a new board member

9.      Next General Assembly and Symposium

10. Web-site

11. Report by the  members


List of members and delegates present at the meeting:


1.        AFP-ACP, France, Willi Roes

2.        AFPC, Belgium, not present

3.        AFTCP, Switzerland, not present

4.        APG-Forum, Austria, not present

5.        APG/ IPS, Austria, Peter F. Schmid

6.        APPCPC, Portugal, Joao Hipolito, Rute Brites, Ana Cunha Ribeiro

7.         BAPCA, Great Britain, Andrea Uphoff

7.        GPF, Luxembourg, not present

8.        GWG, Germany, Gisela Borgmann

9.        HAPCA, Greece, not present

10.   HAPCPMH, Hungary , Magda Draskóczy

11.   International Pre-Therapy Network, Dion van Werde

12.   OeGWG, Austria, Elisabeth Zinschitz

13.   PCA, Czechia, not present

14.   PCAIF, France, Brigitte Darras, Patrick Kaufmann

15.   PCT, Scotland, Susan Cornforth

16.   Psychoconsulta, Slovakia, not present

17.   SGGT, Switzerland, Alphonse Salamin

18.   TCPCA, Greece, not present

19.   VCgP, The Netherlands, Roelf J. Takens, Henk Hanekamp

20.   VVCEPC, Belgium, Geert Derre


New members and applicants:


  1.  IFEF (Institut de Focusing d’Europe Francophone), not present
  2.  Hellenic Center of Focusing, not present
  3.  ECP – Espana, Ricard Mari, Francisco Campos
  4.  ARPCP, Romania, Georgeta Niculescu



1.      Opening and welcoming of the participants

Roelf-Jan Takens, the president of the board, opened the meeting and greeted the delegates. The participants shortly introduced themselves.


2.      Minutes of our last GA in Dijon, July 2004

The Minutes were approved.


3.      Agenda of the present meeting

The Agenda was approved. Geert Derre reminded us that we decided at the last GA that we would discuss in Lisbon the topic of the relationship between psychotherapy and counselling in each country. This topic was added to point 9 of the agenda.


4.         Report by the Board

·         -     IFEF (Institut de Focusing d’Europe Francophone) and the Hellenic Center of Focusing have applied for membership. The Board has approved it.


-           AFP-ACP is an umbrella organisation that was founded in 1998 and represents all Freanch PCA psychotherapists training institutes. PCAIF, however, keeps its membership in NEAPCEPC.


-           ECP – Espana, and  ARPCP (Romania) were represented at the GA as guests and perhaps as prospective members


5.         Financial Report 2002, 2003 and 2004

Mary-Lou Andriakopoulos, the treasurer was not present at the meeting and could not present a financial report, however, there was a sheet of expenses by year from the Swiss office and the background documentation was also available (thanks to Alphonse Salamin).  Two auditors were therefore elected to check the documentation and report it to the GA the second day of the GA.


The second day the auditors reported that the bookkeeping of the network is all right, and the GA accepted revenues and expenses for-2002 – 2003 and 2004. The auditors also reported that there are 8300 Euros on our account and we should have plans to utilise it. It was decided that we offer help to colleagues who have financial problems coming to PCE 2006 and they are invited to write to the NEAPCWPC Board with their request. Peter Schmid pointed out that the World Association has a donation fund giving free WA membership to those in financial difficulty. 


6.      Becoming a chapter within the World Association

The member associations have discussed the proposal that was made at the last GA and also a proposal for changing the statutes of the WAPCEPC was sent to them by e-mail. The delegates now reported their association’s standpoint in the question.

All members were in favour that the European Network becomes a chapter of the World Association. However there were concerns by some members regarding the autonomy of the European chapter, the details of the financial arrangements, the need for having a representative of the European chapter in the Board of the WA and

the possibilities for the Europeans to meet in Europe when the World Association meets out of Europe. There was also a proposal from the British partner that the name be „division“ rather than „chapter“. It was unanimously (no abstention) decided that the Board of the European Network starts negotiations with the Board of the World Association soon in order to reach an agreement before PCE 2006, so that the GA of the Network can vote for a concrete wording of the amendment of the Statutes in Potsdam. Peter Schmid mentioned that it is likely that the WA will adopt NEAPCEPC principles of training decided upon in the Brussels GA.


The planned schedule of becoming a chapter is as follows:

-           To have a GA of the European Network right before the Conference in Potsdam, (12. July 2006 from 2 to 5 PM)

-           If both the GA of NEAPCEPC and the GA of WAPCEPC agree the European Network can become a chapter at the beginning of 2007.


Peter Schmid reported that the PCE conferences will be held biannually after 2006, the next one will be in Norwich in 2008. Associations can apply for the venue 2010.

Also, any Association can have an agreement with the WA to provide its members by the PCEP Journal for a reduced fee. The Dutch association seems to be interested in the topic.


7.      Report on EAP and EAC

Gisela Borgmann reported that Michael Helhuber would take over from her the representation of NEAPCEPC in EAP and EAC. GwG continues financing this representation – thanks to them.


8.      Election of a new board member

Andrea Uphoff was elected into the board by consensus. This way the Board has again six members as before the last year’s election.


9.      Next General Assembly and Symposium


The next GA would be in Potsdam during the PCE 2006 conference