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  THE 13th GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2010 in Rome, ITALY  

June 30, 2010 : 11h30 to 17h30

 before the PCE 2010

The General Assembly of PCE Europe took place in the rooms of  the Italian Person Centered Institute


Minutes of the 13th General Assembly

Rome, Italy, 30th June 2010



This years General Assembly (GA) took place prior to PCE 2010 held in Rome, Italy,

June 30th- July 4th 2010.



  1. Agenda GA 2010
  2. Minutes 2009
  1. Report from the Board
  2. Financial report
  3. Statutes and Bylaws
  4. Website
  5. European Certificate for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling
  6. Report EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy)
  7. Report EAC (European Association for Counselling)
  8. AOB
  9. Board election
  10. Next General Assembly


List of members and delegates present at the meeting:

APG Forum, Austria, Gerhard Stumm

APG/IPS, Austria, Peter Schmid

ÖGwG, Austria, Sonja Kinigadner

PCA Institute Praha, Czechia, Daniela Siffelova

BAPCA, Great Britain, Annie Thompson, Andrea Uphoff

GwG, Germany, Sylvia Rasch-Owald and Michael Halhuber-Ahlmann

HAPCPC, Hungary, Magda Draskoczy

PCA-ACP, Switzerland, Anne Wunderle

PCT Scotland, Clair Higgon

ICPS, Greece, Danae Marinakis, Marina Iossifides

Hellenic Focusing Centre, Greece, Anna Karali

VCgP, Netherlands, Angelique Timmerman

PCT Scotland, Clair Higgon

AFP-ACP, France, Willi Roes

PCAIF, France, Patrick Kaufmann

APPCPC, Portugal, Joao Hippolito, Odette Nunes


Further present: Susan Cornforth representing WAPCEPC


Apologies: Cécile Joris, AFPC Belgium


1.     Agenda for the present meeting accepted with additions.
It was noted that with delegates from 16 of 20 member organisations present and 1 pre-advised proxy vote (AFPC Belgium) the meeting was quorate for voting purposes.


2. Minutes 2009 were accepted having been previously distributed via e-mail


3. Report of the board


                Magda Draskoczy, Chairperson, reiterated the content of the report sent to members via email in advance of the meeting. There were no questions posed by the members and the report was accepted by those present at the GA.

                Gerhard Stumm presented the most current figures available of member organisations showing that PCE Europe represents some 7,000               psychotherapists and counsellors through 20 organisations across Europe  (and through 1 international organisation).


  1. Financial report


        A financial report was sent to members in advance. Andrea Uphoff presented            detailed accounts to the members present at the GA. Clair Higgon raised the          question on behalf        of Cécile Joris, AFPC Belgium, as to why these had not                 been sent with the        advance report. Andrea apologised for forgetting to add         the attachment to the e-mailed report. In accordance with PCE Europe’s        Statutes and Bylaws, an audit for financial affairs 2008 and 2009 was                undertaken during the GA. Also,           an audit of accounts up to the 19th May 2010         when the bank transfer from Switzerland to a UK bank account was completed. The auditors Patrick         Kaufmann (PCAIF) and Sonja Kinigadner           (ÖGwG) declared the accounts correct and in good order and signed audit             sheets to that effect. The accounts were accepted by the GA.


  1. Statutes and Bylaws


                Revised Statutes and Bylaws    accommodating the new status of PCE               Europe as a chapter of WAPCEPC were presented by Gerhard Stumm for              acceptance by the         membership. A vote was taken with reservation for                 editorial changes with unanimous response.


  1. Website


        Willi Roes presented the new PCE Europe website (www.pce-europe) and demonstrated the application process for the European Certificate for    Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling via powerpoint. He informed the meeting about links to the member associations’ websites, information on PCE events in    Europe and on previous General  Assemblies, and the basic documents of PCE Europe. Yearly reports of the  member organisations are also available on the website.


  1. European Certificate for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling


Anne Wunderle and Marina Iossifides reported as members of the certification committee on the process of validating certificate applications. They reported having processed 17 applications to date and considered the project an ongoing success despite minor glitches. Peter Schmid reminded all organisations to send the template letter introducing the certificate to their individual members after the summer holidays to encourage application, as well as advertising it again in the next WA newsletter. Anne Wunderle sought a replacement as she will be stepping down from the certification committee next year. A further person is needed to replace Andrea Koch who resigned at the beginning of this year. Magda Draskoczy offered to become one member of the committee and the other organisations agreed to ask their members for a second person to join.


  1. Report EAP


      Michael Halhuber-Ahlmann reported that PCE Europe has been re-accredited       by EAP as a European-Wide Accrediting Organisation (EWAO) for PCE         therapists. EAP currently represents psychotherapists in 28 countries and is         attempting to create a European platform by forming templates for psychotherapy regulation and equivalency recognition. A report on their        progress can be found in the next edition of the International Journal of  Psychotherapy. Michael was thanked by the GA as he stepped down as PCE Europe’s representative. The GA agreed and welcomes his replacement,  Heino Mönnich.


9.  Report EAC


During the year, the board co-opted Danae Marinakis as EAC representative for PCE Europe. After many attempts by PCE Europe to make contact with EAC, Danae was able to make a positive connection to the new president, Jennie McNamara, which resulted in an invitation for PCE Europe to send a delegate to their next board meeting in Switzerland in September.



  1. AOB


A question was raised as to the content and intent of the questionnaire devised by Clair Higgon and Cécile Joris which was sent to the organisations. Clair explained that the intention was to map the situation of psychotherapists/counsellors of member organisations in relation to regulation. This may enable PCE Europe to make a position statement within EAP and EAC and could be helpful to those countries approaching regulation. There was some discussion during the meeting about the possible duplication of work already undertaken by EAP and the paper due to be published in the Journal for Psychotherapy. It was agreed that it was still important to continue the initiative with an emphasis on information specifically for those working in the person-centred approach. Clair and Cécile have not set a time scale to publish the results of the questionnaire but will start collation of the material in the near future.



  1. Board elections

             Magda Draskoczy had completed 4 terms of office and was no longer eligible  as candidate for the board. Gerhard Stumm did not wish to stand for election.

             Gerhard Stumm acted as returning officer for the elections. The elections were carried out in accordance with the Statutes and Bylaws of PCE Europe. Those  standing for election and votes received:

              Willi Roes                             27

            Andrea Uphoff                      27

            Sylvia Rasch-Owald             25

            Clair    Higgon                       27

            Danae Marinakis                 27


12. Next General Assembly