<h3>PCE EUROPE</h3> <h4>Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling</h4>

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The GA will be held on April 15, prior to the opening of the PCE Symposium 2016.Lausanne, Switzerland.


Agenda General Assembly PCE Europe 15th April 2016


  1. Introduction board and participants
  2. Agenda GA 2016
  3. Minutes 2014
  4. Open forum for all member organisations:
    1. Developments within member organisations
    2. Presentation of new member organisations (Poland, Romania, Greece, Russia and Spain)
  5. Current functioning of the PCE Europe board
  6. Activities from the PCE Europe board 2014-2016
    1. Website renewal
    2. Certificates
    3. PCE symposium 2016
    4. Finances
    5. PR activities
  7. Financial situation PCE Europe
    1. EAP/ EAC membership/ representation
    2. Personal board meeting
  8. Options paper: role of EAP/ EAC membership
  9. Goals and future of PCE Europe
  10. Future funding: formulating rules for bursaries/ donation fund
  11. Connection PCE Europe (board) with member organizations
  12. WAPCEPC – developments and proxy votes (in presence of Susan Stephen)
  13. Items from the organizations
    1. Online literature website: Gerhard Stumm

      14. AOCB
      15. Presentation of new board candidates/ Election of the new board
      16. Next General Assembly 2018