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Requirements for an award of a PCE Certificate to Organisations

The application for a PCE Certificate can be made by all Member Organisations which

  • adhere to PCE Europe's principles and goals as described in its Statutes
  • are committed to clearly defined ethical standards
  • have a commitment to psychotherapy and counselling training and/or further training according to state of the art person–centred training standards and national (if these exist) psychotherapy and/or counselling training standards (see Statutes).
PCE Europe Member Organisations, its trainers and practitioners, are required to adhere to the ‘Principles for Person-Centred and Experiential Training and Further Training’ ratified at the PCE Europe General Assembly in Brussels on November 11, 2001. (See sections ‘training standards’ and ‘training acknowledge’ on the PCE Europe website).).


Applications for PCE Certificates are made online to the Certificate Committee. The committee is made up of three or more persons from three or more different member organisations and is elected every two years by the General Assembly. Currently the members of the Committee are:

  • Sylvia Rasch, Germany
  • Magda Draskoczy , Hungary
All Member Organisations will automatically be included in the online directory. Should an application be refused by the Certificate Committee the applicant has the right of one appeal to the board.


The PCE Certificate will be issued as a paper certificate. The PCE Certificate will be issued in English and signed by a representative of the PCE Europe Certificate Committee. The PCE Certificate may be translated by the respective PCE Europe Member Organisation into the language(s) of the country within which it is being awarded. The certificate will note requirements for its continuing validity (see below).


The PCE Certificate for Member Organisations remains valid as long as the organisation remains a Member Organisation of PCE Europe and adheres to the criteria of the PCE Certificate.

Applicant details are only checked at the time of application and PCE Europe does not hold responsibility for the conduct of certificate holders after the award. If PCE Europe receives reliable information regarding misconduct of a certificate holder, the organisation or person in question may, after consideration by the board, be removed from the directory.

Directory of PCE Certificate holders

A directory of all PCE Certificate holders is available to the public through the internet.

  • The directory lists the name, country, address, phone and fax numbers, email address and website address of the PCE Certificate holder.
  • PCE Europe Member Organisations can add a profile of the organisation of no more than 300 words to the directory.
All PCE Certificate holders are obliged to advise the Certificate Committee of changes to their details.


Applicants transfer a single fee, set by the General Assembly, at the time of their application for the PCE Certificate to PCE Europe. The fee is not refundable.

Currently, the application fee is 150 EUR for Member Organisations.

After receipt of the fee the application will be processed by the Certificate Committee. If there are any open questions the applicant will be contacted for clarification. On completion the PCE Certificate will be issued and sent to the applicant by post.

PCE Europe looks forward to awarding your organisation a PCE Certificate.