PCE Europe Terms and Conditions of individual membership

PCE Europe Terms and Conditions of Individual Membership


1. The purpose of membership a. Membership provides the rights and responsibilities of participation in the activities of PCE Europe.

2. Benefits of membership

a. Discounts for events, workshops, publications and other benefits that may vary from time to time.

b. The right to have a voice in the formal organisation of the Network through meetings designated as ‘Roundtablemeetings.

c. To participating and vote in the General Assemblies and to participate in Work Groups, Committees and the Board for those who are licensed professionals or qualified psychotherapists or counsellors.

3. The requirements of membership

a. It is a condition of Individual Membership that the member is, and remains, a member of an Organisational Member (unless they are a part of a special transitional scheme for a country which does not have an Organisational Member).

b. The member agrees to adhere to the principles and goals of PCE Europe, as defined in the Statutes and Bylaws.

c. The member has to familiarise themself with the Ethical Framework of PCE-Europe and abide by its principles.

4. Termination of membership

a. Membership can cease at the request of the member, at the request of the Organisational Member, or by the PCE Europe Board decision with just cause (see Statutes and Bylaws).

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